Young boys forced to perform sex acts

Published date: 20 December 2013 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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TWO Chester youths have admitted forcing two younger boys to perform sexual acts on each other.

The pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted charges of inciting boys under 13 to engage in sexual activity and assault by beating.

West Cheshire Magistrates Youth Court heard yesterday that the young victims were pinned down by two older boys and then threatened to be put in a small fire which had been lit earlier in the playing fields on Graham Road, Blacon, in August.

The court heard the older boys then forced them to perform sexual acts on each other before one of the youths urinated on one of his victims and the other youth threw his bike at the second victim.

Prosecuting, Kate Marchuk said the younger boys were both “embarrassed, humiliated and upset” by the incident and pointed out one of their attackers had previously been warned by police about his behaviour.

Chris Johnson, defending one of the boys, said he was “easily led” as he “functions well below his actual age”.

Mr Johnson said as a result of the incident the boy’s parents now made sure he was supervised at all times.

Richard Thomas, defending the other boy, said he had special educational needs.

Mr Thomas said his client had seen the incident as a “joke” and had gone to the house of one of the victims to tell the boy’s parents it was just a joke.

District Judge Michael Abelson called it a “grave” crime and said their behaviour was “disgusting”.

He said: “The financial situation in this country, through no fault of any individual, means people are not getting the help they might need.”

Judge Abelson sentenced both to a 12-month referral order to child services to try to deal with their behaviour but warned if they ended up in court again they would be “going to jail”. He also ordered each youth to pay £50 costs.

He also praised the parents of the youths saying they had taken clear steps to try to control their sons and took the court process very seriously.

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