Accident blackspots targeted in speed limit shake-up

Published date: 22 November 2012 |
Published by: Andrew Boyd
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B5122 at Caerwys could go from 60mph to 40mph 

The B5123 at halkyn could go from 60mph to 40mph 

The A5026 at Holywell could go from 60mph to 50mph 

Cllr Clive Carver is pleased with the proposals 

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ACCIDENT blackspots are being targeted under plans to shake-up the county’s speed limits.

Flintshire Council could slash speed restrictions on more than a dozen stretches of A and B roads across the county.

The proposed changes for Flintshire are due to be finalised by December 2014 and rolled out in the coming years.

Yesterday councillors were told the plans will go through consultation with local members and community councils before any firm decisions are made.

One of the roads being most heavily targeted for speed limit changes is the B5026 at Holywell and Lloc, with officers reporting “a high number of collisions” along stretches of the road.

Speaking after the proposed changes were discussed at a meeting of Flintshire Council’s environment overview and scrutiny committee yesterday, Holywell councillor Peter Curtis said: “Our main concern is the safety of the motorists and pedestrians.

“On that road we have had several crashes and we want to help stop them.

“We want to avoid further crashes taking place. If we can reduce the figures at all then it will be worthwhile.”

Proposals identified in the report are to be looked at by ward members and community and town councils as part of a consultation process during the next two months.

Another area with changes proposed is a section of the A550 at Hawarden, described as having a “high collision rate” in documents handed out to members.

Hawarden councillor Clive Carver said: “There have been concerns about that stretch and I am pleased to see they are proposing changes on the A550.

“I will also be recommending the council looks at reducing the speed limit on a section of the B5125 to take it below the national speed limit.”

The vast majority of the proposals would see speed limits cut but there are proposed 10mph increases in speed restrictions on the A548 at Sealand the A5026 at Lloc.

The proposed changes follow guidance from the Welsh Government on setting speed limits on all single and dual carriageway A and B roads.

In Flintshire, the research by contractors Atkins is to be reviewed by Flintshire Council officers before they make their proposals.

Any approved changes will be subject to backing from North Wales Police and a full consultation.

Cllr Bernie Attridge, lead member for environment, said other A and B roads in Flintshire could be looked at if they were not included in the report and there were concerns about the current speed limits.

'This road is dangerous'

A COUNCILLOR is calling for a speed limit reduction on a “danger” road.

As the Leader reported this week, concerns have been raised over Junction 31 off the A55, on St Asaph Road in Lloc, near Holywell.

Complaints were made about vehicles being parked on a 60mph bend, which meant they were obstructing other vehicles and their view of the road ahead.

Following a request for information by the Leader, it has been revealed there has been at least one crash a year at the site.

Figures released by Flintshire Council show there have been seven recorded collisions in the past five years at the junction, which is also known as the old Singing Kettle site, including the interchange and slip road.

Ward councillor Chris Dolphin said: “I find it very hard to believe there have only been seven.

“Residents have spoken to me over the years and voiced their concerns about the ‘boy racers’ and speeding in that area. There have been various accidents there but obviously not all recorded.”

Cllr Dolphin expressed his disappointment that the road is not included in forthcoming council plans for change.

He added: “I find it very hard to believe that area is viewed by the county council as being perfectly safe. It’s a very busy section and I am calling for a speed limit reduction in the area – to 40 or even 30mph.

“Unfortunately there will need to be a big accident in order for change and it will come soon if this limit is not reduced.”

Planned changes

The proposed changes to be implemented on stretches of the following roads include:

A541 Afonwen and Melin y Wern, proposed change from 60mph to 50mph or 40mph;

A548 Sealand, 40mph to 50mph;

A550 Hawarden, 60mph to 50mph or 40mph;

A5026 Holywell, two sections 60mph to 50mph;

A5026 Lloc, 30mph to 40mph;

A5026 Holywell, 60mph to 50mph;

B5101 Llanfynydd, 30mph to 20mph;

B5121 Brynford, 60mph to 50mph or 40mph;

B5122 Caerwys, 60mph to 40mph;

B5123 Rhosesmor, 40mph to 30mph;

B5123 Halkyn, 60mph to 40mph;

B5373 Hope, 60mph to 50mph

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  1. Posted by: sayitagainsam at 09:23 on 22 November 2012 Report

    December 2014,that's just typical.What about the speeding through Ewloe village everyday,and the nearby lanes that are not safe to walk,and the housing estates such as Carlines Park at school times because of speeding idiots? Wake up Council.

  2. Posted by: theinsider at 12:30 on 22 November 2012 Report

    There are 30MPH limits in place through Ewloe and Carlines Ave so I dont see why it is the councils fault. It the general public/motorists that speed and it is surely North Wales Police that should be ticketing these mindless morons.

  3. Posted by: Hen ddraig at 20:06 on 22 November 2012 Report

    The way the idiot parents abandon their vehicles outside most schools it is usually difficult to just thread your way through, speeding is virtually impossible.

  4. Posted by: kevinweston at 20:45 on 22 November 2012 Report

    On the roads mentioned the problem is often poor road markings broken lines instead of solid and poor enforcement. No mention of the A541 Mold to Nannerch. The road at Hendre, several fatalities, has just been remarked with broken lines.

  5. Posted by: Hen ddraig at 00:43 on 23 November 2012 Report

    kevinweston:- The speed limit through Hendre was reduced some years ago. It made no difference to the accident rate.

  6. Posted by: lindopski at 09:52 on 26 November 2012 Report

    The B5129 route Queensferry to the Quay - 30 limit all the way, just try and stick to it and enjoy the car behind 3cm from your bumper. The police dont give a bugger, in fact they dont seem to patrol the route at all at any time now preferring to sit instead on the roundabouts on the A548 towards the industrial estate. Tailgating is a MASSIVE problem in Flintshire, no one likes the 30 limit and most want to flaunt it.

  7. Posted by: kevinweston at 20:56 on 26 November 2012 Report

    Hen ddraig. I totally agree. All these roads are incorrectly marked. It is cheaper to put ineffective speed limits and collect fines than put correct road markings, double white lines on bends and signs. English councils get a road budget to spend on roads. Welsh councils get a budget to spend with little or no allocation.


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