Call to ban dogs from Mold recreation ground

Published date: 01 June 2012 |
Published by: Hayley Collins
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CALLS have been made to ban dogs from a recreation ground in Mold.

Mold councillor Carol Heycocks put a notice of motion to Mold Town Council calling for a complete ban on dogs on the Maes Bodlonfa recreation ground,
where the new skatepark has been built.

The ban would not include Kendricks Field.

Cllr Heycocks said: “We should ask Flintshire Council to ban dogs from Maes Bodlonfa recreation ground. There are a lot of children there now because of the new skate park.

“They are playing football, running around and falling over and they could be blinded by dog mess.

“Their hands are everywhere, in the soil, in their mouths, in their eyes – surely its common sense to ban dogs on that field.”

Cllr Heycocks was supported by the rest of the town council.

Cllr Andrea Mearns, who owns two dogs, said: “I think it’s long overdue.
“There are seven dog bins there and I went for a walk and there were piles and piles of dog mess.”

Cllr Mearns said a fence could be put up along the recreation ground to keep dogs out.

Cllr Chris Bithell also called upon Flintshire Council to use its powers to prosecute the offending dog owners.

He said: “Fines can be issued for this.

“We should be asking council officers to watch that area and issue on-the-spot fines.”

The council voted to write to Flintshire Council calling for the banning of dogs, requesting a fence be built and asking for officers to patrol the area and issue fines to dog owners who allow their pets to foul.

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  1. Posted by: Hen ddraig at 12:24 on 01 June 2012 Report

    Before spending money on an expensive fence it would be a good idea to apply the current legislation and fine a few people for not cleaning up after their dogs. The message will soon get around after a few 70 pound fines.

  2. Posted by: Y Ffin at 00:08 on 07 June 2012 Report

    Why should the responsible dog owners be punished because of the behaviour of irresponsible owners? It is easy to come up with petty rules, but if they are not accepted by all the community and you don't commit the resources to impose then frankly passing such edicts is a waste of time.


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