Gateway investment could bring back the ‘glory days’

Published date: 23 May 2012 |
Published by: Jim Green
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MINISTERS are investing millions of pounds to support a massive development forecast to create thousands of new jobs.

Work on the first phase of the ambitious Northern Gateway in Deeside project will begin this year and it is hoped it will eventually provide 5,000 jobs.

Planning chiefs overwhelmingly backed plans to transform the former RAF Sealand camp last month and it is anticipated an application for phase two will be submitted in June.

The project is part of the new Deeside Enterprise Zone and will also include more than 1,000 new homes.

Yesterday the Welsh Government announced it was investing £3.5 million into the scheme to support essential infrastructure work.

Alyn and Deeside AM Carl Sargeant said he hoped the money would bring the “glory days” back to the area.

Mr Sargeant, also Minister for Local Government and Communities, said: “This is a welcome boost for Deeside that will tie in with the enterprise zone’s work to attract inward investment to the area.

“Good infrastructure is vital to attracting and developing companies.”

The funding has been allocated under the £15 billion Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan, designed to stimulate growth and create jobs.

Exact details of how the money will be spent have not yet been revealed but it is likely to include investment in roads and flood defences.

Flintshire Council’s executive member for regeneration, Cllr Peter Macfarlane, said: “We very much welcome the funding made available by the Welsh Government for infrastructure works.

“We are pretty excited about this because things are moving along quickly and we hope new jobs will arrive in the area very soon.”
Deeside was announced as one of five enterprise zones by the Welsh Government in September in a bid to attract new investment. 

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  1. Posted by: a cahill at 10:28 on 23 May 2012 Report

    Any chance they would do the same for Wrexham's Western Gateway proposal...if its going to create that many jobs in Flintshire wouldn't it do the same for Wrexham

  2. Posted by: penyffordd_district at 11:51 on 23 May 2012 Report

    Good point Tony. Also wouldn't it be better for government to give money straight to industry rather than give it to casino banks (Banksters) who have bet our future away for the next 30 years?

  3. Posted by: mark_buckley at 12:43 on 23 May 2012 Report

    Will defo need that 3rd lane on Aston Bypass then!

  4. Posted by: Hen ddraig at 13:04 on 23 May 2012 Report

    North Wales gets the dog end of the infrastructure budget again. This money amounts to 1% the annual Welsh infrastructue investment.

  5. Posted by: Roland Cleth at 15:06 on 23 May 2012 Report

    No chance, Tony. That £3.5m is the total infrastructure budget allocation for North Wales for the whole life of the parliament. We won't get another penny now until there's an election.

  6. Posted by: liberty1 at 20:16 on 23 May 2012 Report

    As already stated on here, thats it as far as the infrastructure budget allocated for this area. Makes you wonder if links with Cheshire/Merseyside and North West Midlands need to be more fully explored and advanced, grown up thinking needs to be top of the agenda.

  7. Posted by: Roland Cleth at 08:52 on 24 May 2012 Report

    Any port in a storm, libby, any port in a storm.


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