Sex attack shame of 'religious' Wrexham carer

Published date: 18 May 2012 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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A DEEPLY religious man convicted of sexually assaulting a young woman would look upon being jailed as a positive experience which would make him a better husband and father, a court heard.

Alexander Canono, 48, was jailed for 14 months yesterday and was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for a decade.

A five-year restraining order was also made, banning him from approaching the victim in any way.

Mold Crown Court heard Canono, who moved to the UK from the Philippines to give his family a better life, was a father of three children.

He and his wife had a deep religious faith and Andrew Green, defending, said he would look upon imprisonment in a positive light.

He said Canono’s remorse was backed up by the couple’s deep faith which they followed quietly and which was very important in their lives.

The proceedings had sharpened his focus on his family, particularly his children.
“When he gets through it, he feels he will be a better man for it. He will be a better father and a better husband,” Mr Green said.

Canono previously denied sexual assaulting a 21-year-old woman and then later grabbing her by the throat and warning her not to tell anyone, but was convicted by a jury.

He said he had touched the young woman intimately between her legs over her clothes with her consent but touching her breasts had been accidental.

Canono, of Fron Deg, Penycae, near Wrexham, employed at the time as a carer at a Wrexham area care home, was told by Judge Philip Hughes the victim was young enough to be his daughter.

The judge said Canono began by making flattering remarks about the woman, telling her she was pretty and very beautiful.

On the day of the assault last July he turned his attention to her again, offered to give her a massage with oils and then went up to her from behind and grabbed her.

She was shocked by his behaviour as he touched her breast and private parts over her clothing.

“You grabbed her and groped her forcibly for up to a minute,” the judge told him.
She managed to push him away but he followed her, put his left arm forcefully around her neck and his finger to her lips, telling her it was their secret and she was not to tell anyone.

“She was extremely upset. She was young enough to be your daughter,” he said.

“You lost control of yourself and assaulted her. This is a bad example of unpleasant and very distressing sexual abuse.”

Canono had told the jury that she was a willing and enthusiastic participant but that was a lie and the jury saw through it, he said.

She had been subjected to distressing cross-examination when it was put to her that she was to blame for what happened, when that was clearly not true.

Mr Green, who suggested a suspended sentence, said Canono’s wife was standing by him and had been his rock throughout. They had both been working hard to support their family of three children and to pay the mortgage and it was clear his family would be badly affected by any prison sentence.


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