Scoop the poop in Denbighshire

Published date: 28 March 2012 |
Published by: Helen Davies
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A FAMILY are calling for action to tackle the increasing problem of dog fouling in their town.

Parents Jamie and Lynne Cooke say dog mess in Corwen is ‘everywhere’ and want more dog bins and notices putting up.

“It’s disgusting,” said Jamie, who has a two-year-old boy and a baby.

“We were walking in town last week and it was scattered everywhere.”

“My wife is fed up because she takes the kids for walks and it’s not safe, the other week she went down Cemetery Lane and it was covered in dog muck.”

He said there was a lack of bins to put dog mess in, especially on the Maesafallen estate and Cemetery Lane.

“It’s everywhere you go,” said Jamie. “People need to pick it up but there’s no actual dog bins around the area.

“With kids around it’s not safe and when you’re pushing a pram you get it all over the wheels so you’re having to look down at the pavement to see if there’s any dog muck there and then you’re not watching where you’re going.”

The Cookes’ concerns echo those in Ruthin and Denbigh, where illegal dog fouling has become a major problem.

Nia Jones from Bro Deg, Ruthin, has made a sign to put outside her house reminding dog owners to clean up their pets’ mess.

“I have lived here for 13 years now and I am disgusted at how bad the dog fouling situation is at the moment,” she said.

Nia spoke to Denbighshire County Council about the problem and they have agreed to send letters to residents in the area urging them to pick up after their dog.

“I just want to remind the irresponsible dog owners that live in the area to clean up after their dogs by using a bag or a poop scoop to remove their dog’s mess and dispose of it
safely,” said Nia.

“With so many families living in the area it can also be a real danger, particularly to young children, and can cause serious illness,” she added.

Tougher measures to tackle dog fouling throughout Denbighshire could be on the cards though.

As the Free Press reported last week Denbighshire County Council has approved plans to carry out a consultation on dog control orders.

If they go ahead, the measures would aim to influence irresponsible owners to control their dogs, and ensure areas where dog fouling poses the greatest risk are protected.

Community leaders in Denbigh are working together to tackle the problem of dog fouling.

After residents noticed an increase in dog mess in the Denbigh Castle and Love Lane areas of the town, councillors and police discussed how to solve the issue at a meeting of Denbigh Safety Group.

Community beat manager Chris Davies has now offered to produce leaflets warning dog owners of the fines which can be handed out to owners of dogs who do not pick up after their pet.

The leaflets also explain the health risks dog mess can cause. They will be distributed to houses in and around the area, warning of on-the-spot fines of £75 or fines up to £1000 if people are convicted in court for dog fouling.

Denbigh Safety Group chairman Rob Parkes said: “I am grateful to Denbigh police for being proactive and listening to me.

The Denbigh Safety Group will also be looking to put out leaflets in other dog fouling hotspots in the town if residents wish us to do so.”

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