Wrexham motorbike menace

Published date: 24 February 2012 |
Published by: Phil Robinson
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ROGUE motorcyclists are terrorising a Wrexham estate.

Unlicensed and uninsured riders are tearing along roads and public spaces in Caia Park.

Police have vowed to put a stop to their rampage before someone is seriously injured, using helicopter support if necessary.

A police community support officer who is spearheading the operation says he spotted one irresponsible rider carrying a young child on the crossbar of his bike as he raced along the road.

PCSO Keith Jones said the issue of the motorcyclists around Caia Park was raised at the Communities First panel meeting.

“There is a lot of concern about it locally and the whole Caia Park policing team is now looking into it.

“The motorbikes involved have no tax or insurance.

“They are either old machines that have been started up again after being scrapped or could even be stolen.

“The bikes are being ridden in areas like The Dunks, Pigeon Fields behind Bangor Road and the Bala Road fields and it is happening more frequently as the weather improves.”

He added: “Using motorbikes in this way can be very dangerous and the riders are posing a serious risk to themselves and everyone else they might hit.

“The other day near Montgomery Road I saw one lad, who looked very young himself, riding with a kiddie of about two or three on the crossbar who could easily have fallen off and been badly hurt.

“He rode off as soon as he spotted me.

“I was on foot at the time so there’s no way I could have caught up with him.”

PCSO Jones added: “We are clamping down on these riders before someone is seriously injured.

“We are putting in a special effort involving all the policing team in the area and will use the force helicopter where necessary to catch them.

“They are committing some serious offences against the Road Traffic Act and could face some heavy penalties.

“We don’t want them to think they can get away with this sort of behaviour.

“To trace where the bikes are being kept we also need the help of the public.

“Someone must know something about this and, if they do, we want to hear from them, in strict confidence if they wish.

“Anyone with information can ring me on 07854 337812, or use 101 non-emergency number for North Wales Police.”

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  1. Posted by: a cahill at 10:05 on 24 February 2012 Report

    So why aren't they being picked up by the CCTV cameras on the Dunks and Queensway....and the bikes must be kept in peoples parents know who these kids are and turn a blind eye to the activities

  2. Posted by: InMyOpinion at 14:28 on 24 February 2012 Report

    Its not just QP thats being effected... other estates are suffering the same... the police know who they are, but are powerless to evict them because they live in private properties...even with full HD video as neighbour was told to take out a private prosecution if they wanted it stopped.

  3. Posted by: stella8pack at 16:02 on 24 February 2012 Report

    This has being going on for years so the police are going to do something about it. We look forward to seeing them in the Evening Leader paying for the

  4. Posted by: oh dear at 20:48 on 24 February 2012 Report

    i wish they wouldnt call them motorcyclists..they are joyriders,the same as they do in cars..calling them motorcyclists gives us all a bad name

  5. Posted by: Roland Cleth at 10:10 on 27 February 2012 Report

    Fencing wire between two lamp posts might help?

  6. Posted by: liberty1 at 20:06 on 29 February 2012 Report

    surely the people of the area know who the people are so why do they not name names, put the names on here if and identify.

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